The California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) is a Joint Powers of Authority (JPA), formed in 2009, for the purpose of, creating a separate public entity to provide administrative and fiscal services in support of the Members’ Mental/Behavioral Health Departments acting alone or in collaboration with other Departments, which may include operation of Programs to:

(a) Administer prevention and early intervention services under the Mental Health Services Act;

(b) Contract and/or negotiate with the State or other providers of mental hospital beds similar or related services;

(c) Contract and/or negotiate with the State or Federal government for administration of mental health services, programs or activities including but not limited to the Drug Medi-Cal Treatment Program, managed mental health care, delivery of specialty mental health services;

(d) Operate program risk pools;

(e) Provide any other similar or related fiscal or administrative services that would be of value to Members such as group purchasing, contract management, research and development, data management, maintenance of a research depository, training, technical assistance, capacity building, education and training; and

(f) Research, develop, and execute any appropriate policy requests from the California State Association of Counties or its affiliates.

CalMHSA is governed by a Board of Directors composed of the local county or city mental/behavioral health director form each Member (appointed by member governing body), with a designated alternate to participate when director is absent. The current membership consists of 57 total members (55 counties, 1 JPA, 1 City)

The JPA has three committees, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and the Advisory Committee (currently inactive). The JPA is subject to the regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) (Title2, Division 6, California Code of Regulations) and the Ralph M. Brown Act.