CalMHSA’s Slate of Officers

CalMHSA’s Slate of Officers

President: Luke Bergmann – San Diego County

Vice President: Emi Botzler-Rodgers – Humboldt County

Secretary: Todd Metcalf – Lake County

Treasurer: Anne Robin, LMFT – San Luis Obispo County

Bay Area Representatives:

Member – Vacant

Jei Africa, PsyD, MSCP, CATC-V – Alternate, Marin County

Central Area Representatives:

Amy Ellis, MFT – Member, Placer County

Alternate – Vacant

Los Angeles Area Region Representatives:

Jonathan Sherin, MD, PhD – Member, Los Angeles County

Yvette Willock, LCSW, MA – Alternate, Los Angeles County

Southern Area Representatives:

Member – Vacant

Alternate – Vacant

Superior Area Region Representatives:

Phebe Bell – Member, Nevada County

Sarah Collard – Alternate, Siskiyou County

Governing Documents

*Signature pages for JPA Agreement can be requested by contacting Laura Li at (279) 234-0700 or


Resolutions: Table of Contents

  • No. 09-01     Conflict of Interest Code (replaced by 20-01)
  • No. 09-02     Record Retention Policy
  • No. 09-03     Authorizing Establishment of Bank Accounts
  • No. 09-04     Authorizing Investment of Monies in LAIF (replaced by 13-01)
  • No. 09-05     JPA Agreement Revision of Article Five
  • No. 09-06     Creation of the Authority
  • No. 09-07     JPA Agreement Amendment of Article One
  • No. 09-08     Procurement Policy (replaced by 12-01)
  • No. 09-09     Procurement Policy (replaced by 12-01)
  • No. 09-10     Approval of Contract with DMH
  • No. 10-01     Procurement Policy (replaced by 12-01)
  • No. 10-02     Conflict of Interest Policy and Non Conflict Statement
  • No. 10-03     Effective Date of Agreements to the JPA Agreement
  • No. 11-01     Board of Directors Travel Policy
  • No. 11-02     Staff Travel Policy
  • No. 11-03     iPad Usage Policy
  • No. 11-04     Authorizing Investment of Monies in Morgan Stanley Money Market
  • No. 11-05     Authority to Join CSAC-EIA
  • No. 11-06     Investment Policy
  • No. 11-07     Non-CalMHSA Board Committee Member Travel Policy
  • No. 12-01     Purchasing and Procurement Policy
  • No. 13-01     Authorizing Investment of Monies in LAIF
  • No. 13-02     Statewide Prevention and Early Intervention Principles
  • No. 14-01     Statement of Principles for Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights
  • No. 15-01     Process for Grant Application-Approval
  • No. 15-02     Establishment of Bank Accounts and Account Signatures
  • No. 15-03     Investment of Monies in the Local Agency Investment Fund
  • No. 15-04     Investment of Monies in Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Money Market Account
  • No. 18-01     Board of Directors Investment Policy
  • No. 18-02     Signing Authority on Contracts and Participation Agreements
  • No. 20-01     Conflict of Interest Code


All CalMHSA matters within the purview of the CalMHSA Board are decided by a majority vote of the Board, except for as those matters which are specified as requiring a super majority vote of the Board, which then must be decided by the vote specifically.