CalMHSA Statewide PEI Initiative Glossary of Acronyms

APEDP: Advancing Policy to Eliminate Discrimination Program
CalMHSA: California Mental Health Services Authority
CCC – SMHP: California Community Colleges – Student Mental Health Program
CDC: Centers of Disease Control and Prevention
CiMH: California Institute for Mental Health – now known as the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions (CiBHS)
CMHDA: California Mental Health Directors Association – now known as the California Behavioral Health Directors Association (CBHDA)
CSU – SMHP: California State University – Student Mental Health Program
DMH: Department of Mental Health
DSH: Department of State Hospitals
EMM: Each Mind Matters
IAHC: Implementation Ad Hoc Committee
KTS: Know The Signs
MHSA: Mental Health Services Act
MHSOAC: Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission
OAC: Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission
OSP: Office of Suicide Prevention
PEI: Prevention and Early Intervention
PPP: Promising Practices Program
RFP: Request for Proposal
RFSQ: Request for Statement of Qualifications
RLSPCBP: Regional and Local Suicide Prevention Capacity‐Building Program
SAMHSA: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SCW: Statewide Coordination Workgroup
SDR: Stigma and Discrimination Reduction
SEE: Statewide Evaluation Experts
SME: Subject Matter Expert
SMHI: Student Mental Health Initiative
SMHPW: Student Mental Health Policy Workgroup
SMSPCP: Social Marketing Suicide Prevention Campaign Program
SP: Suicide Prevention
SPEAP: Suicide Prevention Evaluation and Accountability Program
SPNP: Suicide Prevention Network Program
SPSME: Suicide Prevention Subject Matter Expert
SPTWEP: Suicide Prevention Training and Workforce Enhancement Program
SOW: Scopes of Work
SSEP: Strategies for a Supportive Environment Program
UC‐SMHP: University and College Student Mental Health Program
VPPP: Values Practices and Policies Program
TAY: Transition Age Youth

Glossary of Terms

SAMHSA‘s glossary defines terms often used in the disaster mental health
response field and terms that may be useful in understanding cultural competence
based on standards used by the federal government and by national and
community‐based systems of care. Download PDF