New Programs

Presumptive Transfer for Foster Youth

California law allows foster children who are placed outside of their county of original jurisdiction to access specialty mental health services in a timely manner through “presumptive transfer”. This requires the transfer of funds between counties. CalMHSA is working with counties to analyze the use of a CalMHSA as a fiscal agent (CalMHSA) to more efficiently and cost-effectively process payments between counties.

Private/Public Partnership

Interest from the private sector has resulted in an exploration of how county prevention efforts through CalMHSA could be leveraged with private sector partnership to increase the mental wellness of all Californians. This project is in the early stages of how a public/private partnership could better identify shared interests in ways to improve mental health outcomes. As part of this project, CalMHSA is exploring the establishment of a non-profit organization to promote prevention in Mental Health in California.