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New Guide Explains Best Practices for Employing Certified Peer Specialists

Key staff: Lucero Robles, LCSW, Director of Workforce Development 

CalMHSA’s new Best Practice Guide for Employing Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialistsincludes important insights for integrating certified Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialists. The guide is intended to ensure employers understand the value of peers in their workforce and maximize that value in the care they provide. 

The guide’s practical tips and strategies aim to: 

  • Create an environment where peers are seamlessly integrated and warmly embraced by other clinical staff 
  • Ensure that workplaces are well equipped to employ, develop and maximize the potential of certified Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialists 
  • Foster a productive and harmonious work environment that optimizes the unique contributions of certified Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist work 

Topics covered in the guide include: 

  • Recruitment and hiring 
  • Establishing a welcoming and inclusive workplace 
  • Training and professional development 
  • Understanding peer support services 
  • Supervision and support 
  • Workplace readiness 

 Questions or comments about the guide can be directed to [email protected]. 


October 24, 2023