Full-Service Partnerships

Multi-County Full Service Partnership Innovation Project

Full Service Partnership (FSP) programs are recovery-oriented, comprehensive services for people who are unhoused or at risk of becoming unhoused, have a severe mental illness, often have a history of contact with the criminal justice system, and have had multiple hospitalizations.

FSP developed from the Community Service Support MHSA component, in which funding is used to provide direct services to children and/or young people with serious emotional disturbances, as well as adults and older individuals with serious mental illness. Through CBOs and other direct service agencies, counties organize and provide a comprehensive spectrum of community services so that clients can achieve their goals.

Because the FSP is implemented differently by each county, developing metrics for data and definitions is necessary for effectiveness. Through a Multi-County FSP Innovation Project, CalMHSA and its subcontractor, Third Sector, collaborate with 10 counties to network, clearly define admission and graduation criteria, and gather required data.

The Multi-County FSP Innovation Project seeks to develop a more consistent data-driven strategy that gives counties more access to data use for enhancing FSP services and outcomes. Counties will use the combined resources and shared knowledge of a cohort model to deliver the most effective FSP programs and, ultimately, bring about a shift in the way mental health services are delivered.