Community Impact Grants

CalMHSA assists county behavioral health departments in administering grants to local organizations for providing mental health prevention services to their communities. These Time-Limited Community Driven Prevention and Early Intervention grants help to improve linkages to housing, food, and employment services, and offer mental health resources to unserved and underserved groups.

Through the grants, behavioral health departments have an opportunity to:

  • Innovate in mental health prevention and early intervention within their communities by selecting a grant focus that meets their county’s unique needs
  • Provide an equitable and holistic approach to assisting communities

Previous grants have focused on the Mental Health Services Act outreach, prevention, stigma and discrimination reduction, and suicide prevention components. Awardees are required to include culturally and logistically appropriate outreach to target audiences, as well as a focus on community participation and long-term community impacts.

Program Details

Lead Staff:

Jessica Watts

Senior Program Manager

Email: [email protected]

Participating Counties:

Sacramento, Tulare

Sacramento County

In Sacramento County, these impact grants have helped community-based, grassroots organizations in providing mental health prevention support, services, and resources to unserved and underserved communities with awards ranging from $2,500 to $500,000 from April 2020 to May 2022.

CalMHSA’s fiscal and administrative support included:

  • Developing, executing, and monitoring contracts with awardees
  • Supporting awardees in developing sustainability plans
  • Maintaining financial records and fiscal reports
  • Granting application development and rollout
  • Educating CBOs
  • Program implementation
  • Fund monitoring
  • Collecting and reporting data
  • Providing technical assistance to CBOs