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Counties Find Remote Supervision Program Helps Fill Gaps  

Key staff: Lucero Robles, LCSW, Director of Quality Assurance & Compliance  

CalMHSA’s workforce solution to help counties address shortages in clinical supervision has expanded to 11 counties since its inception less than one year ago. Currently, 61 county pre-clinician staff are using the program.  

CalMHSA’s partnership with Motivo Health gives counties access to the only provider offering to-scale remote supervision in California. Many counties that have pre-licensed staff but do not have access to enough clinical supervisors are participating so they can receive virtual clinical supervision through Motivo’s HIPAA-compliant platform. 

All program supervisors have completed a training to orient them to the Medi-Cal core client populations within county behavioral health.  

To participate, counties purchase individual remote supervision hours for their pre-licensed staff. Counties also have the option to purchase triad supervision (two associates, one supervisor) and group supervision (three to eight associates, one supervisor).  

For more information, visit the CalMHSA website or email [email protected].  

February 27, 2024