Newsletter Article

Take Action Campaign Invites Californians to Reimagine Mental Health

Key Staff: Jessica Watts, Senior Program Manager 

Counties can expect an updated and engaging Take Action for Mental Health campaign in May, with print and digital resources, as well as promotional items. This year, the theme of “Reimagine” prompts Californians to reflect on what mental health can be for themselves, those they care about, and their communities. 

The new theme and accompanying materials will be live on the Take Action website beginning May 1, inviting users to: 

  • Reframe how they think about mental health support and self-care 
  • Reassess whether their needs are being met 
  • Realign goals to improve their mental well-being 
  • Rekindle their hope that things CAN get better 
  • Reconnect with friends and family and check in on their mental health 
  • Refocus on what’s most important to them 
  • Reimagine just how good their mental health can be 

Facebook and Instagram ads are being used to promote May as Mental Health Matters Month to an estimated 10 million people. In addition, print and digital resources for counties include: 

  • Theme explanation 
  • Reimagine goal-setting worksheet
  • Mini Take Action journal for mental health reflection, coloring and doodling 
  • Digital versions of printed resources  
  • A May is Mental Health Month proclamation 
  • Social media posts that can be used for county social media and other stakeholder social media posts 
  • A web banner 
  • A billboard graphic 
  • A Spotify playlist 

Participating counties will also receive a shipment of promotional items with the Take Action visual brand and messaging, including: 

  • A tote bag 
  • Fidget popper keychain 
  • Breakaway lanyard  
  • Standard lanyard 
  • Water bottles 

April 23, 2024