• Improving behavioral health care for Californians by developing shared strategies among member counties
  • Assisting county behavioral health departments with workforce solutions, quality improvement, PEI, and administration
  • Transforming community mental health through innovation and health IT
  • Dedicated to addressing equity to better meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations
  • CalMHSA has a new logo – a fresh visual representation of who we are: A forward-thinking organization focused on improving behavioral health care throughout California.

Our Signature Programs

A vital component of Proposition 63, PEI includes suicide prevention, stigma and discrimination reduction, and student mental health.

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Our primary purpose is to help save lives and improve well-being by integrating promising technologies and lived experiences to open doors to mental health support.

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One of the largest issues at state hospitals was and continues to be lack of capacity. See what we’re doing to change that.

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Semi-Statewide Electronic Health Record Contract

CalMHSA received over 15 proposals in response to its Request for Proposals (RFP) for development of a semi-statewide electronic health record. On April 5, CalMHSA and Streamline Health Services announced that CalMHSA had awarded a contract to Streamline. All other proposers were informed around April 1 that the contract had been awarded.


CalMHSA Board of Directors
May 24, 2023
Where: Teleconference

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