As part of its efforts to help counties transition to the Department of Health Care Services’ California Advancing and Improving Medi-Cal (CalAIM) initiatives, CalMHSA has produced the following documentation guides and trainings. These guides will be updated periodically as new requirements are issued.

Documentation Guides

Clinical Staff: Click HereAlcohol & Drug Counselors: Click Here
Medical Staff: Click HereClinical Staff: Click Here
Mental Health Rehabilitation Staff and Others: Click HereMedical Staff: Click Here
Peer Support Specialists: Click HerePeer Support Specialists: Click Here

Documentation Trainings

To view and complete CalMHSA’s web-based CalAIM documentation trainings, please see our Learning Management System Instructions.


For feedback and questions reach out to [email protected]

Dashboard Navigation:

To expand the dashboard to full screen, select the expand arrow icon in the bottom right corner.  Counties interested in viewing training progress should select “County Progress” in the bottom of the full screen (or select the right arrow to go to the second page).  Organizations and contractors should select “Organization Progress” in the bottom of the full screen (or scroll right to the third page).


Data Download:

Select the “Download Data” button below the dashboard to view employee-level completion of CalAIM modules. The file may take a couple minutes to download.  After opening the CSV, counties and CBOs can filter by county name, CBO name, employee type, and/or employee name.