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Collaboration on BHQIP Reporting Yields Results for Counties

Key staff: Dawn Kaiser, LCSW, CPHQ, Senior Director Managed Care Operations

Most counties that worked with CalMHSA on the CalAIM Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Program (BHQIP) saw improvements in the process toward their incentive payments from the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). For the most recent September 2023 Milestone 3d submission, CalMHSA reviewed 57 Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs) across 22 counties. PIPs reviewed by CalMHSA had a higher acceptance rate from DHCS, with 92% receiving minimal to no requests for additional information, compared to just 56% of the PIPs not reviewed by CalMHSA.

To help counties achieve their BHQIP incentives, CalMHSA has provided technical assistance and subject matter expertise in the areas of payment reform, documentation redesign, policy implementation, data exchange and analysis, and performance improvement.

Specifically for Milestone 3d, CalMHSA subject matter experts have provided data support and analysis for 42 counties and have assisted 34 counties with implementing 102 PIPs. CalMHSA began assisting counties with meeting their Milestone 3d requirements in September 2022. Since then, CalMHSA has provided:

  • 24 webinars/office hours
  • 203 individual one-on-one county consultations to discuss PIP implementation progress and troubleshoot barriers
  • 177 descriptive analysis reports to support data-informed decisions around PIP interventions and stakeholder engagement
  • Multiple resources to assist counties with selecting PIP interventions, developing key performance indicators, completing an equity analysis and monitoring each PIP progress over time

For more information about CalMHSA’s collaboration with counties on BHQIP deliverables, contact [email protected].

January 23, 2024