Newsletter Article

All That’s Possible When We Come Together

Amie Miller, Psy.D., Executive Director

Preparing to launch an entirely new semi-statewide electronic health record system on July 1 has been an excellent opportunity to reflect on the meaningful impact, the potential for real change, that’s possible when we unite in a coordinated effort and with singular resolve to improve the delivery of public behavioral health care in California.

What began more than two years ago as an incredibly innovative idea has become reality because of 23 counties that boldly took the leap to this entirely new approach to an EHR crafted specifically for behavioral health care. In just a few days, they’ll be making the switch to using it exclusively and transforming the way they provide care.

We at CalMHSA built the team to take the project from vision to reality, and so many county staff have committed themselves to webinars, presentations, phone calls, training sessions, homework assignments, and lots – I mean, lots – of keen insight and collaboration.

None of what we created would have been possible without counties’ willingness to partner with us, and with each other, to achieve a system that reflects the needs of county clinicians and direct service staff, that helps to tell a complete story about the Californians in their care, and that integrates CalAIM changes.

No major leap forward like this one is straightforward or simple, but the progress we make when we work together is wholly unique. Not only will we continue to enhance the EHR and bring more counties into the fold, but we’re working with counties and listening to your teams about the other major challenges that require a coordinated solution – like the behavioral health workforce crisis you’re all grappling with, new and upcoming interoperability requirements, and others as the landscape shifts and unexpected hurdles present themselves.

We’ll continue to talk and partner and troubleshoot on all of the issues where our combined effort and unified approach can advance your work, expand access to care, and continually innovate public behavioral health in California.

June 27, 2023