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Peer Certification Program Reaches Major Milestones

Key staff: Lucero Robles, LCSW, Director of Quality Assurance

Getting certified has prepared me for dealing with people in crisis and

given me the tools to continue to move forward in the Peer Support community.” — Certified Peer Support Specialist

The Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist program has reached new and significant milestones in its focus on expanding and diversifying the community of certified peers, including: 

Spanish Exam 

Offering the certification exam in Spanish will extend the reach of the certification program, broaden the process to include more peers and assist more Californians on a path to hope and recovery. The exam — made possible with funding from the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) — offers a seamless experience for eligible candidates.  

Continuing Education Providers 

Becoming a continuing education provider presents an excellent opportunity for agencies and peer-run organizations to actively contribute to the growth and professional development of peers. Continuing education plays a crucial role in ensuring their knowledge aligns with industry standards and facilitates ongoing proficiency for maintaining the highest quality of care. Applications are due Jan. 31. 

Certified Peers 

Of the 2,600+ certified peers, five have completed the exam in Spanish, which was just launched on Dec. 21. In addition: 

  • 2,387 individuals received DHCS scholarships 
  • 59% were grandparented in 
  • 41% completed the 80-hour training for certification
  • See more data at the program’s data dashboard 

January 23, 2024