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Presumptive Transfer Portal Simplifies Inter-County Billing

Key staff: Nick Singh, Senior Program Coordinator 

CalMHSA’s Presumptive Transfer Portal enables billing between counties for presumptively transferred patients. The portal’s seamless functionality supports inter-county collaboration while helping to increase cost savings, improve cash flow and enhance accuracy and transparency. 

California’s presumptive transfer process of specialty mental health services for children, youth and non-minor dependents in foster care provides for their timely mental health care when they are placed outside their counties of original jurisdiction. CalMHSA’s portal includes information about each individual served, confirms eligibility and permits transfer of funds by participating counties. Counties also receive monthly reports on all finances in the portal.  

Administrative highlights of the portal: 

  • Creating single or bulk import invoices for presumptively transferred youth via manual entry or 835 extract 
  • A custom dashboard that displays a county’s invoices, status and fiscal balance 
  • Monitoring invoices to and from other counties with multiple checks and balances 

 Fiscal highlights: 

  • CalMHSA acts as the fiscal agent and transfers funds between county balances once both sides have completed the review process. 
  • Each county has its own balance within the portal. 
  • County fiscal departments can download various reports to help track cost breakdowns and for tracking purposes. 

 For more information, contact Nick Singh at [email protected]. 

January 23, 2024